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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why is male infertility so fantastic?


Think of the numerous sperm tests you get to have! Yes, the good ol' semen analyis (SA). You know what that means, gentlemen, "alone time." Just you and "Righty." Or "Lefty." Or both. But I really don't want to know about that.

As a young Catholic boy, I was taught that masturbation was bad. BAD! Thanks to Monty Python, we good catholics remember that "every sperm is sacred." (More on that later.)

But now with all of the trips to the urologist and the fertility clinic you can have as much "alone time" as you can imagine and in public places no less! Who knew male infertility could be so - er - pleasurable?

Now I'll admit, trying to "get things on", by yourself, in some random clinical lab room isn't always easy. But sometimes they even leave "stuff" for us to help out!

Though if you take advantage of that I only have three words for you: hand sanitizer afterwards.


Fran September 10, 2009 at 8:22 AM  

Eheheh...I know what you mean! in the clinic we attend, "the room" has, according to DH, a selection of videos and magazines, but he said the last time the material on offer was really weird!! and then some dvd had been stolen (empty boxes) can you imagine how sad people can be?? Fran

finding_ac September 10, 2009 at 2:56 PM  

Yah, i guess that is how i measure my husbands love for the amount of times he is willing to give away his baby samples for testing. I was thinking about this...i think God didnt want men to "waste the seed" cause he planned on the seed impregnating us i think as long as we are using the seed to TRY and do that any way we can (including having it shipped off for testing so we can fix our bodies) i think God is kewl with that...but then again God isnt in my house on a microphone or ne thing. Untill then i will believe that i am doing everything i can to have babies..."replenish the earth" as he commands in the bible...i just wish i had his help on this issue a little the Duggars do ( 18 kids and counting)

i was thinking if you wanna talk about your meds and fertility stuff you should just email me at or we can im if you have yahoo...cause i dont actually blog about my current fertility woes because...i dont want certain people reading it..if you catch my drift- frankly i think you and your wife are brave!!

♥ ac

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