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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Monday I had my visit with the urologist (whom I will call Dr. Balls for reasons that I'm sure are more than explanatory). As usual, we had to wait a bit to see Dr. Balls, he's a busy guy. But he's a good guy, so we were happy to wait.

While waiting, my wife and I played a game we like to call "Balls and Prostate" where we try and (quietly) guess who's at the urologist for what reason. Not that we ever get to find out if we're right. But it passes the time. I highly recommend it the next time you're waiting around at the urologist's office!

It's been just over a year since I had my varicocele surgery. Remember, varicoceles are large blood vessels that can essentially turn your balls into a hot tub for sperm. Not good. Bet your doctor never explained it that way! But you know me, keepin' it real on the male IF side of things.

Anyways, the surgery was always considered - for me - a long shot. To be clear, some of you guys out there may really benefit from this procedure and it could really change your situation so definitely listen and talk to your doctor. But in my particular case, Dr. Balls has not seen any significant changes.

So now my azoospermia has been classified as a result of testicular failure. Yes my friends, I am a failure. Or as my wife so kindly pointed out, "You're NOT a failure honey. Your balls might be, but never you." That's my girl!

I had to do more bloodwork to see where my hormone levels are at and I will have to do another semen analysis (SA) to see if any swimmers are in the pool. At that point, if we find any, we may start freezing them should we decide to go the route of ICSI. But until I do this next SA we won't even know if that's viable.

This probably sounds a lot more depressing than I'm feeling. I actually feel pretty good. We knew the surgery was pretty much a snowball's chance in hell for me, but at least we're not left wondering "What if?" Maybe we'll have one or two of the wee boys to freeze and potentially use to create family. Maybe we won't.

No matter what though, we will have our family some day. It may not be the "traditional" way but who cares. Maybe it's time we start defining new ways of creating family - be it IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor eggs or sperm, adoption, surrogacy, etc. - as the new traditional. Equally valid and full of potential blessings.

Just my $0.01 for the day. Cheers.


Mommy-in-Waiting September 17, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

Boy do we know how much this sucks! My DH is has hormonal issues and we are now waiting to see if the latest injections will have any impact on his sperm production. We too will almost certainly have to go the less 'traditional' route to making our family. I keep saying we will get there... eventually... one way or another! Good Luck I'll be following with interest

finding_ac September 17, 2009 at 11:28 AM let me get this straight...

you got another SA and they said you still dont have any guys what is the plan?

♥ ac

Fertility Guy September 17, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

Thanks Mommy-in-Waiting! Hope that things work out for your DH. Keep me posted.

finding_ac: A previous SA showed one or two sperm only in the sample - so I'll never have a high enough count to consider doing the deed au naturale or via IUI. But if they can start freezing some from a sample per month, we could potentially consider using them for ICSI - though there would be no guarantee and would still have to have a donor back up. HTH!

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